Dogs in action – Oba and Gerina – little photoshoot in Fairview park

It is Saturday afternoon, lovely sunny day, the dogs have to go out and the humans have to take a walk with them. No one can resist the beautiful weather. This time we met Sebastian with his friend and a wonderful dog Oba in Fairview park for a bit of play and little photoshoot.

20150808-IMG_1913-Edit-2           20150808-IMG_1944-Edit

Gerina                                                                   Oba

Oba is very friendly, playful young dog that never run out of energy. Gerina like him a lot and we did not have to encourage them too much. They run, jumped and played a lot. Oba followed Gerina everywhere.

20150808-IMG_1937-Edit    20150808-IMG_1914-Edit

20150808-IMG_1913-Edit    20150808-IMG_1936-Edit

You can see from the pictures that Oba keeps his eyes on Gerina all the time. It was adorable. We threw a stick for them and both dogs run after it. But Gerina was not very polite. She always got the stick and did not let Oba to touch it.

20150808-IMG_1899-Edit    20150808-IMG_1907-Edit

20150808-IMG_1898-Edit    20150808-IMG_1900-Edit

It look like Gerina was faster, but I think Oba just enjoyed running with Gerina together, he did not seem to be interested in the stick. When Gerina played with the stick, Oba was very patient and nearly scientifically observing what she is doing with the stick.


On each little photoshoot I always like to take few portraits of the dog we met, so his human has something nice to remember. If you would like to see more pictures from my pohotoshoots, have a look at album called “Dogs in Fairview park” on my Facebook page.

Just click here :

Or read more articles about my photoshoots here on my blog in section “We love dogs”.

Here are few more pictures of Oba:

20150808-IMG_1957-Edit      20150808-IMG_1949-Edit-2

20150808-IMG_1897-Edit     20150808-IMG_1949-Edit

Thank you for reading my blog. If you would like to meet us with your dog and have little photoshoot in Fairview park, please contact me on my Facebook page:

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4 Responses to Dogs in action – Oba and Gerina – little photoshoot in Fairview park

  1. They look such happy dogs, looks like you had a great day

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  2. Cydra says:

    What a joy looking at the pictures!!

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