Fred – little photoshoot in Fairview park

Monday evening we had picnic in Fairview park with my son and we met friends with amazing dog Fred.


While we were eating our family dog Gerina and Fred were playing together. The sun was going dawn and the light looked really interesting, but the long shadows were quite tricky. I really had to pay attention where everyone who was watching us stands so the shadows don’t fall into the picture.

Here are some lovely portraits of Fred:

20150803-IMG_1685-Edit    20150803-IMG_1705

20150803-IMG_1553-Edit    20150803-IMG_1696-Edit-3

They look quite tired, don’t they?


While the dogs were resting, they looked like they are having nice chat. I could not resist  to make some pictures in black an white. I remember time when I was taking only black      and white on on film and developed it myself in dark room.

20150803-IMG_1576-Edit     20150803-IMG_1577-Edit

Sometimes is good just forget about colors and enjoy the composition, the light and the                                                     moment captured in a photo.


Which photo you like the most? I choosed one photo as reference for my future painting. Can you guess which one? I will give you a little clue. It is the only picture that I fixed in photoshop. I cropped it and cleaned the shadows, so nothing disturb the image.

                                                                               And here it is.

                            my favorite photo from this little photoshoot in black an white

Fred (1 of 1)

If you would like to know how this image was created, here are few steps:

1. this is the original picture, you can see the tricky shadows everywhere


2. first cropping         3. black and white still with shadow       4. shadows gone

20150803-IMG_1696-Edit        20150803-IMG_1696-Edit-2-2           20150803-IMG_1696-Edit-3

I hope one day you will come back to my blog and see my painting of this amazing dog.

Well painting takes much longer that taking photographs so its gonna be a while. You can have a look at the paintings that I have done so far since March,  just click and see the section ” My paintings”.

If you would like to be part of my next little photoshoot with your doggie in Fairview park , just let me know in comment or write me a message on my Facebook page. You can also get a painting of your dog, which I usually do from photographs.

Thank you for reading my blog, feel free to share it on your social media.



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3 Responses to Fred – little photoshoot in Fairview park

  1. I love these photos and your paintings! I love dogs too – we have two Jack Russels. I’m looking forward to seeing your future posts. All the best, Janette. 🙂

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